Nine track athletes start state

Tarrant Sasser
Staff Writer

Kayhi has nine track and field athletes at the state competition in Palmer, Thursday.
The Kings placed 2nd overall at regionals last week in Juneau and had five 1st place finishers in the shot put, discus, and hurdles, and had 1st place relay team in the 4x200m Relay.
Kayhi also had three seniors throw over 42 feet in the shot put who qualified for state. The ASAA Division 1 Championships will start on Friday at 9 a.m. and continue on Saturday at 9 a.m.

State competitors:
Brendan Wong (12) – Shot put
Cristopher Carlson (12) – 110m Hurdles, 4x200m Relay
Tarrant Sasser (12) – Shot put
Cody Zartman (12) – 4x200m Relay
Ivers Credito (12) – 300m Hurdles, 4x200m Relay
Ivan Credito (12) – 4x200m Relay
Justice Yoder (12) – Shot put, Discus
Ada Odden (9) – 300m Hurdles
Jenae Rhodes (9) – Shot put


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