Peace Week

Kayhi’s Peace Pole. Photo by Preston McLaren

Preston McLaren
Staff writer

This week at Kayhi is Peace Week. The goal is to bring more peace and belonging to the students and staff of Kayhi. English teacher Sarah Campbell the organizer of Peace Week and one of 4 people selected in the country as a peace teacher wants peace to mean more.
“Peace is a lot more than just a peace sign,” said Campbell. “Basically it’s trying to live in harmony without violence, without aggression, trying to promote kindness.”
Senior Emma Campbell and president of Rotary interact club said what Peace week really is.
“During this week students learn more about peace and how it is important for our school, community, and world,” said Campbell. “The Kayhi Rotary Interact Club sells peace candy grams and we raise money for Hurricane Dorian relief in the Bahamas. This week-long event leads up to an assembly where we have guest speakers come in and address our school.”
Mrs. Campbell was inspired to begin Peace Week after visiting schools in Hiroshima and Nagasaki, Japan. Campbell organized it and it worked well both previous years.
“We had the idea of getting a peace pole and planting it at our school,” Campbell said. “To do that we needed to have a big school-wide assembly and so that started the first #kingsforpeace assembly.”
Mrs. Campbell wants to showcase peace in our school, community, and get people involved in peace around the school.
“It was a really nice way to showcase student groups doing things to promote peace and kindness within our school,” she said. “So it was really great to have all of these various student groups involved and I think that helped get people engaged in the assembly.”

Kayhi Rotary Interact is selling peace grams at lunchtime in the commons for $3 each.
All proceeds are going to a community-based project and Hurricane Dorian relief.

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