Volleyball To Sitka

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Volleyball team huddles before playing JDHS at home, Photo by Leah Call

Nadire Zhuta
Staff Writer

The Kayhi Lady Kings (0-4) travel to Sitka this Thursday for a four-team round robin. Despite being winless, senior Madison Purcell is very confident after challenging Thunder Mountain. 
“Now that we know we are able to compete with the best team in southeast [Thunder Mountain], we are very excited to hopefully get some easy wins in Sitka,” said Purcell. 
Purcell is happy with where the team is at right now and is excited for what’s to come.
“We are not only in a good place, but we have some new plays up our sleeves and we are so excited to get to run them. We are excited to show these teams what we’re here to do,” ciaimed Purcell. 

Kayhi vs Mount Edgecumbe 7:30 p.m. (Best of 5)

Kayhi vs MEHS 4 p.m. (Best of 3)
Kayhi vs Sitka 7 p.m. (Best of 5)

Kayhi vs Anchorage Christian 1 p.m (Best of 5)
Kayhi vs Sitka 4 p.m. (Best of 5)
Kayhi vs MEHS 7 p.m. (Best of 5)

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