Lady King’s “Roller Coaster” of Games

Nadire Zhuta
Staff Writer

The Kayhi Lady Kings went winless this weekend at home against Thunder Mountain and Craig. This weekend of games were a “Roller Coaster” as said by senior captain Mackenzie Merril. On Friday, the Lady Kings went in dominating the Criag Panthers but lost in the last set by a point given up from a invalid sub in. That loss followed the Lady Kings onto the next game and resulted in them losing to Thunder Mountain 3-0.
“We went in kicking butt against Craig but just couldn’t seal the deal and win over all. Not winning that game made him [Kevin Johnson] upset and the teams emotions started to fall a part,” said Merril. “We were out of control of everything.” 
Saturday night was a turn around for the Lady Kings. 
“Those games were amazing. We came together and had our energy up. The team felt amazing seeing Kevin smiling and everyone cheering for us,” said Merril. “Having all those people [Crowd] there made such a difference.”

(L) Kayhi JV vs Craig JV 
(L) Kayhi V vs Craig V (25-23 (Kayhi), 25-17 (Craig), 25-22(Craig)) (Best of 3)
(L) Kayhi JV2 vs TMHS C
(L) Kayhi JV vs TMHS JV 
(L) Kayhi V vs TMHS V (25-8, 25-11, 25-11) 

TMHS JV vs Criag JV  (TMHS (W) 4-1)
TMHS V vs CRAIG V    (TMHS (W) 3-0) 
(L) Kayhi JV2 vs TMHS C
(L) Kayhi JV vs TMHS JV
(L) Kayhi V vs TMHS V (25-17, 25-20, 25-13)

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