Honor band and choir results

Mady Purcell
Staff Writer

Almost two dozen students from Kayhi made it into honor band and choir and will travel to perform in Juneau on Oct. 22.

All of these kids practiced their three part auditions, recorded, submitted and waited for the results, and most were successful. 

Senior Campbell Sande, who is third chair trombone this year, has been in honor band for 2 years now and loves the traveling experience.

“The trips are really fun,” Sande said. “You get to hang out with your friends who made it, as well as meeting new ones.”

Seniors know how long they can play music with a group without going crazy. Campbell Sande said that it gets tiring, but it has been fun traveling with the band director. 

“You spend all day playing your instrument,” Sande said. “You get very tired by the end of the day, but one of the best parts for me is getting to know the Deidra side of Ms. Nuss.” 

Honor Band

Evelyn Nutt – Second chair flute/piccolo
Jalina Williams – Fifth chair flute
Julia Spigai – Third chair clarinet
Meta Mulder – Seventh chair clarinet
Matthew Nutt – First chair bass clarinet
Madison Purcell – First chair bassoon
Josh Nutt – Second chair alto sax
Ella Stockhausen – Ninth chair trumpet
Anna Hout – Fourth chair horn
Campbell Sande – Third chair trombone
Sarah Short – First chair percussion
Phillip Smith – Sixth chair percussion

Honor Choir 
Jenna Alkhabi – Soprano I
Victoria Graham – Soprano II
Madisen Lundamo – Soprano II
Shay Ohmer – Soprano II
Lauren Olsen – Soprano II
Josh Ryan tenor I
Allen Pattison tenor II
Aurora Phelps alto I
Robert Cope-Powell bass I
Lukas Chernick  bass II
Connor Wodehouse bass II
Devyn Sader alternate alto II

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