Political involvement is necessary at a young age

Leah Call
Staff Writer

Election results were posted the day after voting took place on Oct. 1 in the city of Ketchikan. Candidates ran for borough mayor, borough assembly, school board, and city council. As a student participating in government class and a newly eighteen year old local, politics have become very apparent to me, very quickly. 

Government has never really had a large presence in my life, until now. The basic principles have been instilled in me since birth, but the intricate details of politics have always eluded me. My curiosity about the ins and outs of our local government happened to come up at the dinner table. My mom had plenty to say about the necessity of political involvement. 

“I proudly voted,̈  said Ketchikan local, Danielle Call. ¨I have expressed to you the importance of taking part in our elections and helping to shape our experiences on a local, state, and national level. It is a right and a privilege that I do not take lightly.¨

I attended the Candidate Meet and Greet the week prior along with my classmates, and was able to participate in a mock election and voted on the candidates I believed were capable, as well as some local issues and policies on the ballot. Though the votes didn’t technically count, it was a beneficial experience for when I will be eligible to vote next year.  

¨I think it’s awesome that our students are becoming more involved in the political issues of our city, state, and country,̈  Call said. ¨They are not too far off from being able to have their votes count and their voices heard.¨

I couldn’t agree more. 

Issues and policies on the ballot included the tobacco excise tax, onsite marijuana use, water line repair, and KPU revenue bonds. Students were briefed on each topic in class before the mock election. It is important to make your voice heard, especially at my age. This generation is the future of our country and being outspoken and involved is imperative in making a difference. 

Other students at Kayhi have also learned from our experiences in government the past couple weeks.  Senior, Nicole Embree, talks about how she felt learning about local politics in class. 

̈ Learning about our government was a very educational experience,̈  Embree said. ¨I learned that a candidate can look completely different on paper compared to in person.¨ 

Borough Mayor
Rodney Dial – 1,381 votes

Borough Assembly
Austin Otos – 1,438 votes 
David Landis – 1,470 votes

3 year term School Board
Bridget Mattson – 1,589 votes 
Jordan Tabb – 1,327 votes 

1 year term School Board
 Leslie Becker – 793 votes 

City Council
Judy Zenge – 861 votes 
Lew Williams – 843 votes 

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