Kayhi Alumni on Air

Co-host Rose Hamilton works the control board during a broadcast

Devyn Sader
Staff Writer

Common Threads is one of many radio shows aired by local radio station KRBD. This specific show features a playlist of songs which all fall under one theme picked by hosts Rose Hamilton or Nicole Sader, my sister. The interesting part about this show is that it’s interactive, so listeners can call in and guess the theme or suggest a song.
Hamilton and Sader are both unpaid volunteers at KRBD, and both have individual full time jobs. Nevertheless, they both enjoy playing their part in the community by hosting Common Threads.
“Everyone should try doing some volunteer work at some point in their life,” said Sader. “It’s very fulfilling.”
Hamilton added that volunteering not only helps you feel good, but it’s beneficial for everyday things. 
“It’s good for the resume and it’s good for public speaking. It has helped me communicate better with people,” said Hamilton. “I also like helping our community in some small parts. It’s an enjoyable and rewarding experience.”
The two of them joined Common Threads 4 years ago when Hamilton’s boss, a previous DJ of the show, invited her and her sister to come along. Naturally, Hamilton asked her best friend of several years to join them. 
Preparing for a show may seem simple, but Sader explained that there is a lot of precise planning behind every show.
“I usually pick a theme and put all the music together on a playlist,” Sader said. “Then I lyric check and organize the songs based on how they transition into one another.”
Hamilton explained that Common Threads isn’t only catered towards one age group as their audience.
“Our music varies so much from show to show that we don’t have a particular targeted audience,” Hamilton said. “It can usually touch on different generations and age groups. There’s old songs and a lot of more modern day music as well.”
Sader enjoys putting together both familiar and unfamiliar songs onto the themed playlists.
“I like making people listen to the music that I like,” said Sader. “And sometimes I like showing Rose the weird songs I find.”
Common Threads airs live every Tuesday night from 9:00-11:00 p.m. Hamilton believes Common Threads being an evening show can be a good thing and a bad thing.
“We don’t get as much coverage as I wish we did, because there’s not as many listeners at night,” Hamilton said. “But people all over the world can listen, because you can listen to it on the internet.”

Nicole Sader selects a song for Common Threads

When it comes to showtime, each host plays an important role in the show. While Sader usually does all the playlist preparation, Hamilton is responsible for running the board. This means she controls the microphones, fades in and out of PSAs, and makes sure they’re on the air. 
Although Common Threads isn’t a talk show, sometimes the hosts end up getting a little chatty when they check in at the top of every hour. Regular listeners can hear tangents about scary movies or awkward jokes coming from the hosts at almost every check in. 
Usually every show of Common Threads is only run by the current hosts, but sometimes they invite special guests. Hamilton and Sader occasionally invite family members or friends to visit during the show as it runs. I have personally been present for the show quite a few times.
Because of the fact that the show is a pre-prepared playlist, you may wonder what the hosts do behind the scenes when they are live. Usually they are found playing popular card games and cellular apps together. No matter what it is they’re getting up to, there’s never a dull moment while the show is running.
If you are interested in listening to some of Common Threads’ previously aired playlists, you can find them online. The playlists are on Spotify under the account Nicole Marleah Sader. 
You can tune in to Common Threads by listening live on the radio or a radio app at 105.3 FM or on KRBD.org.

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