Q&A; with Kristian Pihl

Photo taken by Ronda Bouling

Nadire Zhuta
Staff Writer

Kristian Pihl is on his last year of his high school basketball career.  I asked him some personal questions about himself, the team and the upcoming season. 

Current: It’s your senior year of basketball what’s that feel like? 

Pihl: It’s a lot of emotions more than anything else I’d say. Growing up being one of the biggest fans of basketball I’ve never thought that my days of playing basketball would ever end but ever since I stepped into reality it’s been tough realizing that I really only have one more year.

Current: Winning State last year was huge has that “high” faded away or is it still there? 

Pihl: I think there is a time and a place where you can look back at your accomplishments and for me it took MONTHS to move on and realize that I need to start worrying and prioritizing this upcoming season, pat myself on the back of course for last year but it’s important to move on.

Current: Most of your offense was taken care of by the 9 seniors who graduated, how are you going to adapt that?

Pihl: Well I’m someone who tries not to worry about my personal shots I just try to go with the flow of the game but I think it will be in the best interest to look to score more which will be hard for me. My first three years I never really had to worry about trying to do everything, the other guys took care of that but I think I’m ready for that role.

Current: It seems as though you guys will have a very young team this year, what do you think about that?

Pihl: The people on the outside will definitely look at this year as a “rebuilding” year, me personally I think that’s a ridiculous statement, being my senior year I’m not going to let that be an excuse for us to underachieve, anyone can think whatever they want, last “rebuilding” year we had we ended up finishing in third and that was probably the most fun teams I’ve been a part of.

Current: What advice do you have for the young ones coming up? 

Pihl: First of all, I think they should show up, play their game, be ready to be coached and be ready to play hard. Just be willing to play any role that they need to play for the team to be successful.

Current: What’s your personal goal for this upcoming season?

Pihl: To win another region and state championship and to grow not as a basketball player but as a person and as a leader.

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