Ketchikan Shotgun League

Courtesy of Brison Ralph

Devin Dalin
Staff Writer

The Ketchikan Junior Shotgun League competed in a Southeast Trap and Sporting tournament. The event took place in Juneau on Oct. 25-27.

The Ketchikan Junior Shotgun League is a Non-Profit organization coached by Eric Eichner.

Sophomore Thomas Rud, the newest member of the senior varsity squad, managed to knock down 36 out of 50 clays during the sporting clay event placing sixth overall.

Rud placed second in the double trap event as well as the sporting clays event.

Rud was also the runner up in high above all in the men’s senior varsity division. He hit 253 clays out of the 300 possible.

Ralph shot a 42 out of 50 in Wobble trap. Just five away from tying the top score of 47.

“I thought I did good for the amount of practice I had,” said Ralph. ”I did better than I have in the past couple competitions.”

Freshman Oscar Brooks was one of three to place in the junior varsity division out of the nine competitors. He got third in sporting clays earning himself a bronze medal. He also placed fourth in both doubles and wobble trap, and fifth in single trap.

Brooks was a first time competitor in the southeast tournament.

Senior Caden Thomas and Rud, both Kayhi students competing for the team did well in their events. 

Thomas placed second in both doubles trap and sporting clays and placed second in men’s high above all in the mens SV division breaking 253 clay targets out of 300.

“I shot pretty good,” said Thomas. ”always room for improvement though.”

This was Thomas’ first time placing in the southeast tournament. He had competed only once before.

The Ketchikan Junior Shotgun League will participate in the state finals during the first week of June.

“The team will do good in future tournaments I assume,” He said. ”with practice and time they will get better.”

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