National Honor Society Induction

Preston McLaren
Staff Writer

Eighteen new members were selected to join Kayhi’s 2020 chapter of the National Honor Society. They will be formally inducted on Tuesday, Nov. 19. at 6:30 p.m.

Sarah Campbell NHS teacher representative explained the requirements needed to be inducted.

“It is very prestigious,” said Campbell. “The student who is applying must meet [these] four criteria: Scholarship, Service, Leadership, and Character. National Honor Society students are usually scholars and help other students around the school or other schools.”

Junior John Call  is looking forward to being inducted.

“I’m super excited that I get to be inducted into NHS,” said Call. “All those late-night study sessions, service projects, and going the extra mile was all worth it in the end. I have looked upon NHS members as examples, and I am excited to be that person for others in our school now!”

Senior Laura Sherill, a current NHS officer plays an important role in the ceremony.

“I will be personally inducting two members of the upcoming class of NHS members,” said Sherill. “As an officer, I will be giving one of the four pillar speeches of NHS: Scholarship, Service, Leadership, and Character. ”

 Campbell hopes for a great chapter of NHS

“I’m really excited for this year we have a nice group; an active group very committed to service and leadership. So I’m very excited to see what the students come up with this year.”

Food and refreshments will be provided.

1st-year Inductees
Lily Auger (S)
Leah Call (S)
Breanna Gentry (S)
Besjan Kamberi (S)
Talisa McKinley (S)
Tyler Merle (S)
Sarah Palaruan (S)
Madison Rose (S)
Campbell Sande (S)
Ashley Yoder (S)
Olivia Berg (J)
John Call (J)
Megan Chau (J)
Jhenna Day (J)
Morgan Elerding (J)
Cade McAllister (J)
Judy Merisonne (J)
Evelyn Nutt (J)

2nd-year members
Nadire Zhuta (S)
Bryce Mattson (S)
Caity Pearson (S)
Dearly Villaflor (S)
Emma Campbell (S)

2nd-year officers
Preston McLaren (President)
Laura Sherill (Vice President)
Kaylen Cadiente (Secretary)
Joshua Nutt (Treasurer)

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