Still time to enroll on EF trip in summer of 2020

Leah Call
Staff Writer

There is still time to enroll to go with Mrs. Machado and Mrs. Woodward for the 2020 EF summer trip to Spain, Portugal, and France. Enrollment will close in February of 2020.

Kayhi teacher and chaperone, Allegra Machado has been taking students all over the world since 2005. Through the program she has been able to accompany groups to European countries such as Greece, Barcelona, Paris, and Madrid. 

“It is truly a once in a lifetime experience. These trips are amazing learning opportunities.” Machado said.

Students across all grade-levels are encouraged to go. As long as the student is in good academic standing and isn’t in legal trouble, they are eligible to sign up for the trip. 

“I know that if you went on a trip on your own to one of these destinations,” Machado said. “You wouldn’t see even a quarter the amount of what you see on one of these organized tours.” 

EF Educational Tours is a program that has been leading guided trips for students and taking them all over the world since 1965. The program’s philosophy is “learn by doing”. They believe a student’s best way to learn about the world and gain experiences and perspectives is to experience it firsthand.  

The overall cost of room/board, transportation, airfare, food, and all the activities included in the trip is approximately $5,000. Machado and Woodward began advertising the upcoming trip almost two years ago. They give lots of time in advance to give families enough time to make up the money. Students are encouraged to fundraise on their own to get their fees paid for, but many just pay out of pocket. 

So far, Machado and Woodward have twenty students officially signed up to go. Of the twenty, there are six returning travellers who also went to Greece in 2018. Erin Shea, who will be going on the trip this summer said she is so excited to be able to experience other cultures through EF Tours for a second time. 

“I have never had an experience quite like the one I had in Greece two years ago. I learned so much and it only makes me that much more excited to go again this summer.” Shea said. 

Junior, Amanda Dale is enrolled and will be going on an EF Tour for the first time. 

“I heard about the Greece trip my sophomore year. I knew a lot of my friends were going and I really wanted to go. I talked to my parents and they said if you really want to go see Europe, then we can save up some money and maybe there will be another option your junior or senior year. It’s my junior year and I talked to my parents about what an amazing opportunity it would be to be able to go this year.”

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