National Art Honor Society

Nadire Zhuta
Staff Writer

The National Art Honor Society is a Kayhi club that spreads art work throughout the school and the community. Senior Dearly Villaflor stated how people apply and the requirements needed to be a member.

“It’s just like applying for any other club, you need at least a semester of Art and a 2.0 or higher GPA,” said Villaflor. “The people who join are usually the people who tend to love and enjoy art and want to do more of it.”

NAHS allows for Kayhi’s artists to have an opportunity to express their artistic talents. Senior member Ada Hu likes to have a place where she can show her artwork.

“I like it a lot, I get to show my creativity throughout the town,” said Hu. 

The members try to take on as many projects as they can at one time. Villaflor explained the projects that NAHS has done. 

“We painted chairs and sold them for charity, we are currently painting the walls for WF Family Entertainment Center for free as well as making things for the Winter Art Fair” said Villaflor. 

NAHS consists of ten Kayhi members, eight seniors and two juniors. Hu likes like how well the members connect.

“We work pretty well together, we bounce ideas off of each other,” said Hu. 

Dearly Villaflor (Senior)
Ada Hu (Senior)
Tyler Merle (Senior)
Sarah Palaruan (Senior)
Anne Coss (Senior)
Nicole Embree (Senior)
Talisa McKinley (Senior)
Madison Rose (Senior)
Charlie King (Junior)
Lauren Scarzella (Junior) 

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