DDF prepares for home meet

Leah Call
Staff Writer

Debate will be hosting a meet at Kayhi Jan. 24 and 25. 

Sophomore Nicole West, believes the team is ready. 

“This is about the time of year when everyone is really starting get the hang of it,” she said. “So I feel like we are definitely prepared for this meet, and we’re ready to take into finals.” 

DDF generally hosts one meet a year. Schools from all over Southeast will be travelling to Ketchikan to compete. It lasts for two days where competitors do nothing but debate, orate, and act. They have been working with their partners since the beginning of Christmas break. 

Senior Brendon Roof said that this year was the year of acting. Many members have prepared acts to showcase including a skit of the SNL Kavanaugh hearing. 

Roof explains his growth on the team from his first year to now. 

“I think I did fairly well for a rookie on the team my sophomore year,” Roof said. “Junior year I improved a lot in my case writing and now, as a senior, I just roll with it and have a lot of fun. 

Tickets for their annual fundraiser will consist of dinner, dessert and a showcase of the pieces that will be taken to their meet the next weekend in the Kayhi Commons this Friday night. Tickets are $10 and the money raised will go toward their trip to Juneau for state in February.

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