AcDc competes in home meet

Francis Sherman
Staff Writer

Over the weekend ACDC finished their home meet, competing against Juneau and Metlakatla. Campbell Sande came in first overall against the 40 other students. 

“The team has improved so much,” Stanton (ACDC Coach) said. “We even had a three way tie for first place in music.” 

Kayhi’s team has improved by more than 60 points since their last meet.

Logan Cope-Powell 3rd
Evelyn Nutt- 2nd
Matthew Nutt- 1st
Franchezca Correa- 1st
Campbell Sande- 1st

Social Science
Franchezca Correa- 1st

Campbell Sande- 2nd
Franchezca Correa- 1st

Campbell Sande- 3rd
Franchezca Correa- 2nd

Evelyn Nutt- 2nd

Evelyn Nutt- 2nd

Matthew Nutt- 3rd

Campbell Sande- 2nd

Evelyn Nutt- 1st

Campbell Sande- 3rd

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