Kings Head to Thunder Mountain

Nadire Zhuta
Staff Writer

The Kings varsity, JV and C teams are heading to Juneau to play conference games against Thunder Mountain on Friday and Saturday. 

The Kings have gone 7-3 in the past 10 games against the Falcons including the post season and have consecutively won the last four games against them. Since then the Kings have lost eight seniors and the Falcons only have lost three seniors. 

The Falcons are 8-4 this season and are ranked 8th in the state while the Kings are 6-5 and are ranked 14th. 

Senior captain Kristian Pihl is hoping that the team takes strides forward on the defensive end this week and is excited to see how the team responds. 

“We need to emphasize finding our identity, which should be defense,” said PIhl. “I’m looking forward to the first big conference games this year and anxious to see how myself and the team comes out.”

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