Kings Face Metlakatla

Nadire Zhuta
Staff Writer

The Kings (7-6) will play the Metlakatla Chiefs (8-5) in Metlakatla on Thursday then they will face the Chiefs on Friday at home. 

Junior starter Tyler Slick is excited about the upcoming games and feels that the team needs to start making strides forward in the confidence department. 

“I feel good, we need to start up again and start getting more confident in what we are doing and playing good this weekend will really help us start that,” said Slick. 

Senior captain Kristian Pihl is looking forward to playing Metlakatla this weekend, Pihl wants the team to show respect to such a great community such as Metlakatla.

“I personally have a lot of respect for [Metlakatla] community, culture and history. I hope to see our team give Metlakatla the respect they deserve both on the court and off the court,” said Pihl. “I’m looking forward to it, and having a lot of fun.” 

Friday Schedule
11:30 Kings C vs Met C
1:00 Kings JV vs Met JV
5:30 Kings V vs Met V

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