NOSB preps for State

Preston McLaren
Staff Writer

The defending state champion Kayhi NOSB team is preparing to defend their title this weekend in Seward. The team placed 3rd on their research paper and have been preparing for hours for the upcoming competition.

Julie Landwehr, science teacher and supervisor of NOSB for ten years is getting ready for state and hopes for a repeat.

“Throughout our team, at least one person has hit every science in the school with extra focus on marine sciences,” said Landwehr. “The questions are really broad so it’s hard to prepare, we try to see where our weaknesses are and strengthen them. We have a team of mostly all 4-year members and I hope to win state again this year so we can head to Mississippi!”

Last week the Kayhi NOSB team gave a presentation on what NOSB is all about on Feb. 5. They presented the same presentation each period of the school day to inform all students who wanted to learn about it and to help the members further study for the upcoming challenge.

Senior Caity Pearson and veteran member of the NOSB team has been preparing all year and thinks they have what it takes and is ready for the upcoming competition.

“We are super pumped for state this year,” said Pearson. “We have been preparing for a long time and we’re super happy about getting 3rd on our paper. We seem to do better every year so I’m super excited for this year and think we have a great chance!”

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