Kings Take On Glennallen

Pictured is senior Chris Lee running a play that Coach Stockhausen is calling out

Nadire Zhuta
Staff Editor

The Kings will play Glennallen this upcoming Friday and Saturday at 7:15 p.m. 

Varsity head coach Erik Stockhausen invited Glennallen for many reasons, such as he used to coach for Glennallen for six years before  coming to Ketchikan and is good friends with the current Glennallen head coach. 

“We get home games and they get a good experience,” said Stockhausen. “Most 2A teams in the state of Alaska don’t really get that.” 

Senior Chris Lee (2019-2020) is at 1,715 points only 73 away from all time Kayhi leading scorer Steve Ortiz (1703-1704) who scored 1,788 points by the end of his senior year. Lee is projected to pass Ortiz by the end of his high school basketball season.

Stockhausen isn’t too worried about Lee passing Ortiz and possibly hitting the 2000 mark as much as he is about getting the entire team ready for regions and possibly state. 

“Getting ready for March is much more important than any individual thing,” said Stockhausen. 

Senior Kristian Pihl is excited to have a couple more home games. 

“It’s two more home games to play, “ said Pihl. “Home games are always nice.”

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