Debate team back from a successful state tournament

Leah Call
Staff Writer

DDF has returned from their last meet of the season. The state tournament in Juneau was a success not only for the team as a whole- they took third place for the tournament overall- but also for individual members on the team. 

Senior and first year member Connor Wodehouse placed first out of 58 participants in Speaker Points, which is the rating given by the judges in the Public Forum Debate based on how well they speak. 

Sophomore Dawson Abel is a first year member and managed to place 2nd overall in the informative speech category. While working on his speech, which was about the importance of the Soviet Union in World War II, Abel said he grew more confident in his ability as a speaker and passionate about public speaking as a whole. 

“I was very underprepared in the beginning but as I got more into my speech, it became a passion of mine,” Abel said. “I worked on this speech throughout the semester and the season and got lots of feedback on how to improve it. Hearing I won was a really cool moment and it felt really well-deserved.”

Senior and third year member Brendon Roof placed third overall in the Extemporaneous Speaking category of the meet. 

“All I have to say about it is…finally,” Roof said. “I think in this specific event, I have improved so much. After lots of work my sophomore and junior year, I finaled in every single meet this year. Mr. Mitchel gives the ideas and the tools you need to be successful, but ultimately it’s on you to prepare. I’m super lucky I finaled but it really came down to how well I prepared beforehand.” 

The season has now ended and will start back up again at the beginning of the 2020-21 school year. 

State Results -5th place and above

Public Forum Debate, Team Results: (Out of 29 teams)
Henry Clark/Jared Valentine 4th
Nicole West/Brendan Roof 5th

Individual Debate Speaker Points (58 Participants)
Connor Wodehouse 1st
Jackson Kaye 4th

Domestic Extemporaneous Speaking (21 Participants)
Brendan Roof 3rd

Informative Speaking (31 Contestants)
Dawson Abel 2nd

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