Coronavirus Update

Robert Cope-Powell
Staff Writer 

In a statement by the Alaska Department of Health and Social Services, the ADHSS is monitoring the novel, or new, coronavirus. Coronavirus has been in the news but has not appeared in Alaska. The Center for Disease Control (CDC) has advised people to wash their hands and avoid contact with infected persons or not to touch themselves with unwashed hands. They also advise that, if you are infected, stay home and cover your sneezes. 

The virus’s symptoms are similar to those of the common cold, being fever and cough, but also include shortness of breath. The severeness of this virus can range from the common cold to severe pneumonia and, uncommonly, death. The Wall Street Journal reports 64,460 confirmed cases and 1,384 fatalities to the virus as of Friday and that the number of infected people doubles every 4 days. The disease has a 4% mortality rate. The virus has infected 7 US states, the most cases in one state would be California, with 8 cases. As of this writing, there is no vaccine available to prevent the virus.

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