Lady Kings Head to Thunder MOuntain

Tyler Slick
Staff Writer

Lady Kings (11-7) head to Thunder Mountain to play the Lady Falcons (2-10) this weekend. 

The Lady Kings are 2-0 this season against the Falcons with a 25-0 streak since 2015.

Senior captain Nadire Zhuta says she is ready to play some games after a long week of practice. 

“I’m excited, we had an off weekend so i’m excited to get to play some games,” said Zhuta.

Although the Lady Kings have a 25-0 streak against the Falcons, Zhuta feels like it isn’t a factor to their game at this point and she just wants to improve and get ready for March.

“The streak isn’t really a factor anymore. The only thing on our minds right now is to get better and to get ready for regions,” said Zhuta. “The streak is still there and it’s nice if we keep it going but it’s going to have to end one of these days we can’t dwell on it too much, hopefully it doesn’t end anytime soon but it will. Eventually”

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