Kings Split with Falcons, Again

Pictured is senior Chris Lee shooting a free throw against the Falcons

Nadire Zhuta
Staff Editor

The Kings (4-2) went 1-1 this weekend with the Falcons (4-2). The Kings also split with the Falcons earlier this season at Juneau.

On Friday night, senior Chris Lee scored 22 points passing Steve Ortiz (1,788) in being the all-time leading scorer in Kayhi history but that wasn’t enough to secure the Kings a win. The Kings ended up losing by one point 47-46 but came back Saturday night and beat the Falcons 51-46.

Senior Kristian Pihl is frustrated with himself for losing the 19 home game winning streak that was started last year at the Kings’ fourth home game. 

“I feel very disappointed in myself, we had an amazing opportunity to have the seniors leave with 19 straight home wins,” said Pihl. “But I mean I rather have that bad game now than in March.”


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