Ortiz Talks About Being NO. 2

Sterling Nagy
Staff Writer

Chris Lee recently set a new Kayhi basketball record for the most points scored while wearing a Kayhi uniform. That record was previously held for 46 years by Steve Ortiz.   

When asked on how he felt after Lee broke his record Ortiz said, “Oh, I thought it was fantastic, I was really happy that he could do that.”

Ortiz thought that his record would be broken a lot sooner.

“Forty-six years is, half a century and there’s so many great players that have come through Kayhi,” said Ortiz.

Unlike Chris Lee who knew where he was on the all-time points scored list last year, Ortiz says that he didn’t know until ten years ago.

“I really didn’t know until about ten years ago because they didn’t keep track of it,” Ortiz said.  “They wrote a book called fifty years of Kayhi basketball. That was really the first time that we knew that there was a hierarchy of scorers,” said Ortiz.

After Kayhi, Ortiz says that he played junior college basketball then went on to a four-year college where he got his business degree then started working, 

“I always wanted to work,” said Ortiz. Ortiz started his career in sales and he currently sells software to companies like Boeing and T-mobile.

Ortiz believes that his work ethic in basketball benefited him well in the working world, “My father who was a basketball coach here at Kayhi always instilled the fact that you had to pay a price for success. So anything that you do in life you have to prepare and practice you have to pay a price and work at it, ” said Ortiz.

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