Kayhi’s art room

Students in the art room working on clay projects for class

Bella Roberts
Staff Writer

From the first years learning the basic concepts of art, to the multiple year students refining their media of choice, Kayhi’s art room is not short on inspiration.

“I have a very open possibility,” said Mrs. Kern Kayhi’s art teacher. “So that there are basic things that I want you to learn like, how to use a paintbrush in draw and painting. How to vary your lines, think about composition, all the elements and principles of art. All of those work with a lot of different media.” 

The classes Kern teaches in Kayhi’s art room are, draw and paint as well as sculpture and pottery all of which use a lot of the same artistic principles.

Some of the things they’ll go over in the draw and paint class include, pencil drawings, water colors, acrylic painting, oil painting, and paper cutting.

“We mainly do two dimensional in draw and painting to were you get exposed to a lot of different ways of making ideas,” Kern said. “In sculpture and pottery I always make students learn the wheel, I always teach basic technique work for clay.”

The sculpture and pottery class focus around, clay, paper mache, non paper mache, polymer clay, wire sculpture, and fabric sculpture.

“I also teach the human form and proportions of the human body,” Kern said “We do mask making were I’ll talk about the proportions of the face, not necessary that their mask has to look like that, I just teach them the skills so they can know and build on them or choose not to.”

Many of the students involved in the art classes at Kayhi have a chance to express themselves as artist. 

“I hope students feel more confident when they leave art class,” Kern said. “I hope they have an understanding of the things they like and the things they don’t like as artists and students.”

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