Kayhi’s environmental club

Michael Thacker
Staff Writer

The new Environmental Club had its first meeting on Thursday, Feb. 20.

Joey Fama, the teacher in charge of the new club and math teacher at Kayhi, says he started the club because he feels students and staff don’t try nearly hard enough to improve their surroundings.

“There is definitely a lot that gets overlooked and most of it is stuff that students and teachers could do as they walked to class. That’s why I started the club,” Fama said. “To reduce the number of things that get looked over.”

Fama has high hopes for the club to interact with the community and other teachers at the school.

“While most of what we do will be around the school we plan on talking to the local elementary schools and getting the kids involved,” Fama said. “I even plan on having our students in the club “grade” teachers based on how they care for the environment.”

While the club just now started, they already have 4 members and plan on teaming up with the Rotary Club in the near future.

“Rotary has been working on helping the environment so it only makes sense to team up,” Fama said. “Plus they have close to 50 members, so it’ll be much easier to get things done around town if we work together.”

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