New look at the course list

Preston McLarem
Staff Writer

Kayhi will be offering up to 22 new courses along with core classes next year. Teachers pitched course ideas to students and, depending on interest, the school will offer them said vice-principal Cole Maxwell. This is similar to how junior and senior English classes work. 

“The new classes just come from teacher interest,” said Maxwell. “It’s the teacher having an idea of a class or a need for a class and student interest in the class that gets new classes going. It really just comes down to student interest for which classes will be offered next year.”

Students will be selecting their courses for the upcoming year today in their advisory class period. Junior Morgan Elerding said it will be difficult for her to choose between the classes she needs and the classes she wants. 

“The new classes being offered are super fun,” said Elerding. “It’s difficult to decide between all the new and fun classes I want to take and the classes that I am required to take. I’d love to spend all day being a nerd with Mythology and Astrology but I have to worry about American Government and my other required classes next year.”

The courses that do not receive enough student interest will not be made available next year. Julie Landwehr science teacher who is offering the new Anatomy and Physiology class said the new courses will benefit students on specific career paths. 

“I feel like there are a lot of students going into the medical field and I just feel like it gives you such an advantage,” said Landwehr. “I know how hard it is to study Anatomy and Physiology in college so I just want to give the students a chance and some exposure to it.”

Possible New Courses Next Year
Native American Literature

Anatomy and Physiology
Forest Ecology
Science Through Art
Survey of Astronomy

Social Studies:
Indigenous History

Food Truck Nation Entrepreneurship
Microsoft Office Specialist 1
AP Computer Science A
Game Design and Programming concepts
Prostart 1- Baking and Pastries
Prostart 1- Culinary Immersion (Mexico)
Prostart 1- World Flavors and Cuisine
Prostart 2- ADV Baking and Pastries
Prostart 2- ADV Prostart Capstone
Prostart 2- Local Foods
CTE Vocational Survey
Textiles and Sewing 1
 Work Study

Fine Arts
Intro to Guitar
Theatre Arts

General Electives

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