Kayhi’s Top 3 Clutch Moments

Dyllan Borer
Staff Writer 

Last postseason was big for clutch moments, especially 3-pointers late in games. But not all the big moments have come on the basketball court. 

#1 Shaelyn Mendoza buzzer-beater

The situation
2019 Region Championship
Juneau Douglas 51
Kayhi 49
4.7 seconds left.

The moment
The No. 2 seeded Lady Kings beat Thunder Mountain on the first day of the tournament to set up a match with the Lady Bears. Kayhi was just 1-3 against JD during the regular season and was trying to pull the upset. 

Madison Rose inbounded the ball to Ashley Huffine. Huffine went coast to coast then kicked it out to freshman Shaelyn Mendoza. Mendoza sank the corner 3 to send the Lady Kings to the championship. 

#2 Kristian Pihl 3 in overtime 

The situation
State Championship 
Dimond 50
Kayhi 50
46 seconds left in overtime 

The moment  
Junior Kristian Pihl was one of Kayhi’s offensive threats and was 0-6 from the 3 point line. Pihl drained a three with 46 seconds left to go in overtime and it ended up being his only points of the game. It changed the momentum of the game and Kayhi won 57-53.  

#3 Payton Simmons walk off at state

The situation
2018 State Tournament Semi-Finals 
Thunder Mountain 6
Kayhi 5
7th inning
2 outs 
0-2 count

The moment  
Kayhi beat Homer the first day of the state tournament, then played North Pole on day two and won. Kayhi played Thunder Mountain on day three of the tournament in the semi finals. Kayhi was 1-3 against Thunder Mountain in conference play. Bottom of the seventh and Junior Payton Simmons took the first two strikes looking with the game on the line. Simmons sent the next pitch over the left field fence putting the kings up one to win the game. 

Other Clutch Moments 

Sully Schulz regions

The situation
Region Wrestling Tournament
Region Finals Match
Ketchikan vs. Juneau for the Region V Title
If Schulz gets pinned, the streak likely ends. 

The moment
Senior Sully Schulz was seeded No. 1 in the 171 weight class. Schulz was (0-7) against Juneau wrestlers.  A reversal by Schulz with 30 seconds left puts him ahead and his opponent on his back. He then pinned him in the first period with 7 seconds left which allowed Kayhi to win its 12th consecutive region title and ending his losing streak against Juneau wrestlers. 

Mark Jasper penalty kick at state

The situation
State 3rd place championship 
Kayhi 5
Thunder Mountain 4
Penalty kick shootout

The moment  
Senior Mark Jasper approaches the line to take his shot. A miss by Jasper puts Thunder Mountain in a good spot to tie the game. A goal will win it for the Kings. Jasper approaches the ball points his toe down and sinks it in the  bottom left corner of the net.

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