The host with the most…Ketchikan?

Nadire Zhuta
Staff Editor 

It is no surprise that Kayhi students and the Ketchikan community would rather have the Region V Tournament at home but when it is not at home a majority of the students prefer to have the tournament in Sitka over Juneau. Maybe it’s the rivalry, maybe it’s the convenience. 

“Everything is so close,” said Pep Band member Jalina Williams. “You can just walk over the bridge and you’re downtown. Everything is there, so it is easy access.”

According to Google Maps, Juneau-Douglas High School is 7.3 miles from the Breeze In Valley location which is one of the premier food destinations for traveling students, whereas Mt. Edgecombe High School is just 1.2 miles from downtown. Even if the weather is good, there’s no chance you’re walking 7.3 miles from the high school to the valley in Juneau. 

Safeway, The Landing, My Place Hotel and A&P are all within a mile of Kayhi. 

In addition to the games themselves, other difficulties arise when the Region Tournament is hosted in Sitka or Juneau. When the dance team has its adjudications at Thunder Mountain, supporters have to travel 8.7 miles from the JD gym to support their classmates. In Sitka, it’s a 2-mile trip. 

For the Pep Band, Pep Club and Cheerleaders different gyms mean different sound waves. Williams said depending on the gym space and height, how the sound travels to people is different. 

“It’s louder in Edgecumbe because it is a way bigger space and it’s a echo gym,” said Williams. “Then with JD it is loud as well but it is more constricting in a sense because everyone is on the balcony and the sound just travels differently to people.”

Junior Tyler Slick said every gym has different floors and lighting.

“Our floor is clean and our lighting is very bright and nice,” said Slick. “Edgecumbes’ floor is nice and clean but their lighting isn’t very bright it’s dim and the Juneau floor is really slippery and the lighting is very dim and yellowish.” 

Senior Kristian Pihl has been to all three locations and said that Ketchikan has the best environment and that Kayhi students and Ketchikan members make it exciting and fun but if he had to choose between Edgecumbe and Juneau he would have to choose Edgecumbe because “it’s a neutral environment.” 

“Ketchikan has a better environment because we just put more time and money into basketball as a community,” said Pihl. “The community and students like to watch basketball and just create an environment that’s so much fun to play in.”

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