Pep Band Pride

Mady Purcell
Staff Writer 

No year is the same for Pep Band, but  there are things that freshmen need to know in order to survive Regions according to seniors. Senior saxophone player Josh Nutt said that freshman should be ready to play. 

“I would tell them to be ready to play their brains out,” said Nutt. “No matter if it sounds good or bad. Generally whenever you’re at Regions, I think the point is to have pride in your school without being aggressive toward your own classmates and make it a good trip for everyone.” 

Freshmen should be prepared to play a lot, but it’s not always about being loud and holding an instrument. Senior Pep Band Co-Director and saxophone player Jalina Williams said that it is really important for freshman to use Regions as a way to get out of their comfort zone. 

“They shouldn’t be scared to go out of their comfort zone,” said Williams. “Stay within your boundaries but you should expand out and play with other bands, make new friends. Regions is a very welcoming place for everyone. I remember my freshman year was like that. I felt very welcomed and made a lot of friends that year.” 

On the other side of the spectrum, the freshman or newcomers to regions, could be pretty eager not only to play but also to be able to travel for a trip where you’re not doing clinics all day and performing for an intended audience. Sophomore Matthew Nutt will be attending his first regions this year, and said that he expects a lot of fun going around town and meeting new people. 

“My expectations are mainly walking around the town and having fun,” said Nutt. “Then later we go home, get dressed and then go play for the games.”

Although Matthew Nutt isn’t completely wrong, he will soon realise that the games completely encapsulate the entire trip. Nutt said that compared to the games at home, the regional games will be more intense. 

“I think they’re going to be a great deal more intense,” said Nutt. “It’s much more serious and there are going to be more people especially.” 

One of the biggest pep experiences from regions is the fact that they get to play with other bands and make friends that they will remember forever. Nutt said that he is excited to play with more people playing the peppy music. 

“I am excited for that because I know that both honor band and all-state were very fun,” said Nutt. “Playing with people from other schools is fun but in pep band we get to play fun music which should be even more fun.”

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