The Last Year

Noelani Tillson
Staff Writer 

The last year of school can be emotional and stressful. For the Kayhi cheer team it’s a whole other story. 

Senior officer Makenzie Merrill shares just how hard being a senior this time of year is. 

“It’s heartbreaking realizing all I have left are regions and state,” said Merrill. “Cheering my last home game was devastating yet rewarding. I was emotional the whole game.” 

The reminiscence of your high school career makes many nostalgic. This time of year is the end of many peoples childhood. Regions, state, prom, graduation all make this time of year for seniors very hectic. 

“With injuries left and right, stunts falling, Laura tweaking her knee right before regions, many many goose eggs on our heads I think it’s safe to say we are tired. We have been doing this for 4 years. Every year with a worse injury,” said four year member Tacoma Coronel.

These past two months have been all about regions for the team, they have been focusing on making every detail of their routine to make it perfect. It’s now up to the athletes to execute the routine and win regions. Many don’t realize the hours and months put into the routine. These cheerleaders have shared their hard long nights. Their bruises and cuts, but it was all worth it. 

“With cheer and any other sport at the end of the season you are ready for it. You’ve worked hard you’re ready for the break. But looking back, I wish it wasn’t over,” said senior stuntman Carter Thomas.  I’m going to miss cheering for our home crowd. Cheering with the cheerleaders and the student section. I’m going to miss being a part of this team.” 

For most, sports help get you through high school. For these seniors, cheerleading has helped them become more responsible and given them a sense of home while being on the team. 

“It’s exciting because we’re moving forward with our lives but sad because we’re not kids anymore,” said Coronel.


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