From K-Highlite to Coach

Leah Call
Staff Writer 

The K-Highlites Dance Team’s Coach Christain Lorenzo breathes, dreams, and bleeds dance. He has been involved with dance for seven years and with the K-Highlites specifically since his freshman year in high school. He began as a member of the K-Highlites Dance Team, then his junior year decided to take a break and manage for the cheer team. 

After graduating from Kayhi, he decided he wasn’t quite done with dance yet and decided to be the assistant coach alongside the team’s head coach, Alma Parker. 

“I have always loved dancing and movement and wanted to learn and improve in all forms of dance,” Lorenzo said. 

He explained his reasoning behind wanting to coach, despite the difficulties that came along with it.

“Even though I had graduated, I still wanted to improve my skills and thought what better way than to coach and teach what I was taught?” said Lorenzo. “It was very difficult getting into it. Starting so young was definitely tough. The dynamic was very different. I’ve seen both sides- the dancer’s perspective and the coach’s perspective, so I feel that I can understand what the dancers are going through on the floor, and be able to help them succeed as their coach.”

Even though some days it is demanding and stressful, he claims it is all worth it, watching the dancers succeed and improve.

“My favorite part of coaching is seeing improvement in dancers from the beginning of the season to the end,” he said. “It’s a really good moment to see when a dancer has taken criticism and turned it into something beautiful.”

The team leaves Tuesday evening, along with basketball, cheer, pep club, and pep band to the annual Region V tournament, hosted by Juneau. 

“I think Regions this year is going to be very fun and it will be interesting to showcase our routines, in Juneau especially,” he said. “We’ve worked really hard throughout the season for this week and adjudication especially, and I am excited to be able to show other towns and teams what we are capable of.”

“Christain does so much for our team,” said junior and team officer, Jhenna Day. “He is an amazing coach and makes us feel we are all an important part of the team.”

Lorenzo also said his coaching style comes from a few different places.

“It was definitely interesting to go into coaching because I had been coached by a few different people with different coaching styles, and I wanted to take some things from those individuals but also have my own way to set the tone and set the level.” 

With only 13 members, this year the team is the smallest it has been since 2005. Despite their small numbers, they have grown as a team with the phrase ‘13 strong’ as their team motto.

The K-Highlites have a total of 7 halftime routines that are performed at football and basketball games throughout the year. Each routine can be categorized into jazz, pom, hip hop, or funk. This past Saturday at 6 p.m. they showcased these routines at their annual Spring Show, along with their Regions routine that will be adjudicated in Juneau during the Region V Tournament.

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