Your Youth is Gold, but Nothing Gold Can Stay

Senior Class of 2020 Pictured Together Earlier This Year, Picture Taken by Kayhi Yearbook Staff

Nadire Zhuta
Staff Editor

I never thought this time would come as fast as it did. It’s almost time for us to say our final goodbyes to each other, teachers and to Kayhi. Which maybe we already did. Maybe “have a good spring break” or “good luck at Regions” was the last send off in person.

Yes, I know it’s a weird time as we don’t quite get to have the traditional goodbyes as other seniors have had in the past but let’s just ignore that real quick. 

When you’re a freshman you always hear from seniors the most overused but accurate saying “enjoy it, it goes by so fast” you can’t help but roll your eyes and say “yeah right”  but four fast years later you catch yourself saying those exact words to a freshman. 

You don’t realize what you have accomplished until you get to the end and you take some time to look back and reflect and we all know we have had more than enough time to look back. 

We started our senior year strong and together. We had our 4th of July Parade float, we started a new tradition of senior sunrise on the first day, we had our senior walk in, senior carnival and lots of other new and old traditions to start and finish. It was great we were checking things off our lists and waiting for the next senior tradition to come along. 

Although we didn’t quite get to experience as some would say the best three months of it all it was still one heck of a ride, and it’s weird to hear myself say with how it ended that I wouldn’t want it to happen any other way. We’re a special and unique class. I mean look at us we came into this world during 9/11 and are graduating during a world pandemic, I mean what more should I say. 

Lots of mixed emotions and thoughts are circling my head during this time.  Am I ready to take on the real world? Am I really ready to let go of all of this go, say my goodbyes to my friends and to Kayhi?  Do I really have to go and make new friends and create a whole new life for myself?  I’m scared, excited, nervous, and anxious all at the same time. 

There comes a point in everything you do when you know it’s time to let go and move on. I felt it with basketball, I knew I was ready to let it go, you get this feeling of accomplishment, sadness and I would say relief all at the same time. I’ve said my goodbyes with a lot of things, experiences and people this year but I’m not quite fully ready to let go of it all just yet and say my final goodbyes to my fellow classmates, teachers and to Kayhi.  Our youth is gold, but nothing gold can stay. 

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