Senior GoodBye

Nadire Zhuta
Staff Editor

I absolutely hate goodbyes, I hate crying in front of people and barely being able to get a sentence out without choking up. I try to avoid goodbyes as much as possible but I never quite can. But it’s time to say goodbye to Kayhi, the people and the memories it holds and essentially to a part of myself. 

Kayhi will always have a special place in my heart. It felt like home away from home. I actually spent more time there than I did at home. 

What made Kayhi so great was the people and the little things they did. Like for example when I would see my that my friends left my favorite parking spot open for me in the morning, or when I was a bit late to my first hour class on game day but the teacher wouldn’t count me tardy he would just guilt trip me into not doing it again or knowing that when I saw Coach Stock in the morning he would always say “Morning, scrub” in a jokingly way or hearing Edward say “Good Game Nadire” on a Monday morning after a weekend of basketball. It was the little stuff that didn’t seem like much at the time that made going to Kayhi special.  

I want to thank all the teachers and staff members who made going to school fun throughout my four years, without you guys Kayhi wouldn’t be so awesome. I want to thank some specific staff members who impacted me this year. 

To Phaedra and Mrs. Whyte, thank you for being the two people I trusted the most. Phaedra you  specifically never once kicked us out of your office, even when there were 20 of us loud and obnoxious seniors there fighting to get the last piece of candy. You always enjoyed our company as much as we enjoyed yours. Mrs. Whyte, thank you for always putting a smile on my face and truly being there for us seniors. I want to say thank you to you two for being kind, and welcoming. You are a big part of why I loved going to school everyday. 

Mr. O’Brien I’m truly going to miss hearing your extra cheesy dad jokes. You have played an important role in my education. You’ve taught me to go be a go getter and a fighter and get the education I deserve and in the great words of D’Jay O’Brien “LET’S WIN THIS THING” called life. 

To Lund and your much needed, but not wanted at the time, advice and lessons, thank you. Thank you for teaching me how to be a leader and how to be a confident writer. I spent most of my hours at school in your classroom, either writing, laughing at a bunch of awkward freshmen, or learning valuable life lessons. You made me gain love and respect for Journalism and writing. You taught me how to just “Get it done”. 

Last but not least to all my friends and classmates, thank you for going through this with me and making the last three years and a half memorable.  For knowing that 12 am feeling when you forget that you had a project due the next day, or the feeling when you know you’re about to get McClorinated. You guys were a part of the best memories I have in high school and I can not thank you guys enough. I know that the future holds a lot for all of us. 

Kayhi and the people of Kayhi have been too good to me. I can’t thank everyone enough for what they have done and for all the great memories. Thank you  Kayhi, it’s been fun. See ya later!! 

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