Kayhi’s (mostly) smooth start

One of the new safety protocols is a check in/check out form that will allow for contract tracing if need be. Students can scan in and out quickly using their cell phones. PHOTO – Kelleigh Nickich

By Noelani Tillson-Diorec

Kayhi students have completed their first week of school at full capacity. SBA president Henry Clark said that the first week of school went way better than it could have gone.

“It’s pretty impressive that the staff made it go so smoothly with still following protocols,” said Clark. “I personally think the longer class periods are nice, I’m able to focus and spend more time on work. It does get tiring being in a class for so long but I’m able to get a lot done.” 

Students enter the school in one of four lines based on their first hour class. Each student is asked if he or she has any symptoms and their temperatures are taken. First hour started 17 minutes late Monday as lines were long, but by Thursday the issue had been fixed and students were on time.

In addition to screening, the school district has decided to cut down the amount of time in the hallways by decreasing the classes during the day from six periods to four but increasing class time to 80 minutes. Lunch is divided into two sessions and there is a two student per table limit.

Teacher Allegra Machado said it helps meet the need to reduce contacts and puts kids on a fast track toward graduation.

“It’s nice essentially because people are able to get more credits in less time. On the down side kids are done with high school at a younger age. What are they supposed to do after that?”

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