Sports preview

Photo by Kelleigh Nickich

The Kayhi cross country will have its first in-person meet in Sitka on Saturday. Junior Paige Boehlert said she is looking forward to racing other competitors and to beat her personal record of 21:48.

“I’m excited to be running against people because it will push me and the team harder so we’ll get better times and maybe PR,” Boehlert said. “It’s also more fun to run with other people and teams.”

Typically meets include all the teams from Southeast, but this weekend it will likely just be Sitka and Kayhi.

“It’s going to be different , it’s just going to be us swimming by ourselves so that’s going to be harder because there is no one to compete against” said Mersonie. “You’re competing against yourself always in swimming but when your neck and neck you have to push that last little bit, the mental game will be a challenge.”

Kayhis swim and dive host’s virtual meet

Kayhi Swim and dive is preparing for their first meet today. The meet will be “hosted” here in Ketchikan. Senior Judy Mersonie said it will be difficult because of the lack of real competitors in the water.

Kayhi swim coach Gary Crowe said that after the swimmers race the results will be entered into the computers and the swimmers will have to wait until the next day to find out results. 

“We swim our meet and it goes into the computer and then the other teams send in their results to us” said Crowe. Crowe also said he is trying to push more swimmers to train for events they don’t normally like because less swimmers will be at the meet. 

“The events that are harder and people don’t like to do will have less numbers” said Crowe. The meet will be open to the public to watch as long as safety protocols are followed.

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