News briefs

13 selected honor band

Written by Jocelyn Cannon

Thirteen Kayhi students this year were selected for Southeast honor band. Kayhi senior Sarah Short said she is excited for honor band this year and is happy she was chosen.

“I am very excited that I got accepted to an honor band. It is a select group of students from across the region, it’s basically ythe best of each school,” said Short. 

The other students selected this year are Jasmine Cole, Lauren Foster, Faith Hehr, Mathew Nutt, Samantha Rothery, Julia Spigai, Sophie Cron, Madisen Lundamo, Anne Paxton, Ella Stockhausen, Sarah Short, Phillip Smith and Anna Hout. 

Typically Kayhi honor band would travel to different towns in the southeast to play with the other schools, this year it will be done virtually.

Baigi elected freshman class president

Written by Henry Clark

The freshmen have elected their SBA representatives this week, Julia Biagi was elected President, Lily Gosnell was elected Vice President, and Tristin Dalin was elected Secretary.

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