Boys basketball eyes jan start

Kayhi boys Basketball team has a meeting tomorrow Oct.7 at B lunch in room 129. Freshmen and juniors will be excused from the first part of advisory to attend the meeting. Photo by Kelleigh Nickich

Charlie King

Staff writer

ASAA announced that girls and boys basketball will start Jan. 4 and go through March 27th.

 “We currently have protocols in play for things like open gym, they are doing screening and temperature checks when athletes come in, in order to participate.” Activities Director Cole Maxwell said. 

In order to know how severe the COVID-19 cases are in each Alaskan region, the levels of safety are categorized by colors. If the region is green then there are few to no cases, yellow there is a moderate amount of cases, orange or red there is a severe amount of cases.

“We are able to play anyone who is green or yellow. And we have never been anything but green or yellow and neither has Sitka,” Said Maxwell. “Our problem really is Juneau, because they are orange, and Anchorage is red. Any community that’s in those levels we can’t host here and we can’t go there.” said Maxwell.

“We will continue to play games. If we are in green, spectators will be able to attend at half capacity. From the sideline where the players sit, we have to have twelve feet between the players and fans, according to ASAA recommendations,” said Maxwell.

Many things will look different this year due to COVID-19 regarding winter sports, including the travel. 

“The travel looks different, this will be the first year there’s no housing out by anybody in the southeast,” Said Maxwell. “As strange as it was to move here and see people go and stay in other people’s houses, it’s going to be even more strange to not do it, which then increases our cost, because now we are staying in hotels,” said Maxwell.

Although there will be less travel this year, the housing situation will make it an expensive year. Maxwell thinks Kayhi sports may have their most expensive seasons this year. 

“This year has the potential to be one of our most expensive seasons,” said Maxwell. 

Maxwell is working hard to make this season as good as possible for our athletes, as well as keeping everyone safe.

“Everyone who comes to watch will also be in a mask, our goal is to make sure we do everything we can to make sure our kids can play every game they can,” said Maxwell. “Our goal is to get in as many games as we can with who we can play, so if we end up playing the southern south east, we play Craig, Met, Petersburg, Wrangell, and Sitka then that’s all we will play.”

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