Jacobson wins librarian honor

Photo by Kelleigh Nickich

Jocelyn Cannon

Staff writer

Kayhi librarian Caitlin Jacobson won the Linda k Barret award, a state wide librarian service award, given to her by the Alaska Association of School of Librarians. Jacobsons colleague Becky Moody said she was excited for Jacobson and that she keeps all the local libraries going. 

“She fully deserves this award and honor, She’s fantastic,” said Moody. “She keeps our local libraries going to the librarians at the other buildings. She’s our ring leader for that, she pushes to keep them open and run smoothly,” said Moody. 

She was chosen for the award for outstanding service as a librarian in the Ketchikan school district and her many years of service in the AKASL. 

Jacobson said she has been serving the association for 16 years and helping her fellow librarians across the state. She said she was both surprised and excited to be awarded the award.

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