Month long p/t conferences start

Paige Boehlert

Staff writer

Conferences will look much different this year. Teachers will be making contact with parents through phone or on Zoom over the next month. Teachers have until Nov.1 to contact parents.

Kayhi English teacher Sarah Campbell said that the new parent-teacher conferences are going to take a lot of time and effort but hopefully the parents can be understanding and respond. 

“Safety-wise it’s important for us probably not to meet in person for parent-teacher conferences, it is going to require a lot more time and effort on the part of the teacher and the parents to connect over the phone or over zoom but we have about a month to do it so hopefully we can make contact,” said Campbell. 

Campbell said it’s sad teachers can’t meet the parents but for safety that won’t be happening.

“I always enjoy getting to meet the parents and I like it when the students would show up with their parents to conferences. I always thought it was a nice way to begin the school year,” said Campbell.

Schoenbar principal Sheri Boehlert said she likes to meet in person but since that won’t be happening she thinks they have good offerings for parent-teacher conferences.

“My preference would absolutely be meeting with teachers in person because I like to develop a relationship with teachers and find out how I can support them in their teaching, but given that is not the offering this fall at Kayhi I think that they have provided a couple of good options for parents so that they could choose something that would work inside their schedule,” said Boehlert. 

Schoenbar Middle School is having a modified version of parent-teacher conferences. They are splitting the grades into two days for four hours. Parents will meet with teachers alphabetically according to last name, with the first half of the alphabet meeting for the first two hours each day.

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