Weekend sports recap

Swim results to be released later this week

Jocelyn Cannon

Staff writer

Kayhi swim and dive competed from home this weeked in a virtual meet hosted by Petursburg. The scores will be released later this week. Juneau-Douglas, Thunder Mountain and Sitka also participated in the meet. Junior Lauren Olson said she likes swimming with competitors better but she got the best time swimming alone because she was focused on herself. 

“I had to race my 100 backstroke alone in the water and that was the best time I did the whole meet, because it really is just you against the clock,” said Olson.

Olson said that she thinks the team did well and is finally starting to get used to things.

“I think we’re finally starting to realize what the meets should look like because our next meet will have people in it,” she said. “Everyones getting better and more comfortable.”

Volleyball goes 0-2 in sitka

Paige Boehlert

Staff writer

Kayhi volleyball went 0-2 this weekend in Sitka. They lost 3-0 to Sitka and 3-1 Mt. Edgecumbe 3-1. Senior Savannah Yeisley said the team learned and got better from losing.

“Overall the whole time we were there we improved each game, when we were there we showed growth and improvement even from just a week ago,” said Yeisley.

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