Pep Club preps for sports season

Kelleigh Nickich

Staff writer

Kayhi Pep Club sign ups are in the auditorium tomorrow Oct.15 for the first 15 minutes of first and second lunch. There will be a sign up fee of $10 for the 2020 Pep Club shirts. Due to covid this year’s Pep Club expectations will be different; social distancing, noise makers and possibly limited number of members per event.

Pep Club president Max Malouf said he expects there to be 30-40 students to sign up. 

“With our limit we have a processing system that’s going to consist of students signing up, but

during large events we will have to pick the top 32 members to be in our Pep Club section.” said Malouf.

Pep club secretary Dyllan Borer said ASAA is allowing noise makers this year. 

“ASAA has never allowed noise makers but since Covid-19 they have said we can use them to try and control the amount of shouting and cheering being done,” said Borer.

The Kayhi Cheer and stunt team started Fan of the Game awards last year. To win Fan of the Game you must be in a Pep Club or Pep Band. Students must be most spirited, cheering louder than everyone else and starting cheers.

Fan of the Game winner Terik Brown said he believes Fan of the Game will become a new tradition amongst kayhi cheer, band and Pep Club.

“I think the Fan of the Game are a great way to get students participating. It made it so much more fun to find out who was gonna win, it was almost like a competition between Pep Club and Pep Band to see what member would win,” said Brown. 

Junior Maggie Boehlert said she is excited to see how this season goes with all the new restrictions.

“I think it is a good idea to have the noise makers so we can be louder since we have to wear masks and social distance. Last year they tried using a cowbell and I remember Mrs. Johnson yelling at us for using it so this year will be a lot of fun,” said Boehlert. 

Overall this year will be super new for Kayhi pep club members. In previous years Pep Club cheered loud and proud on Kayhi’s bleachers, members would link arms and jump back and forth. With the regulations that ASAA has provided there will be a mix of students who will complain about the rules and those who will just appreciate we are able to even have events. For any students with questions you can contact Pep Club President Max Malouf, Vice President Eddie Gomez, Secretary Dyllan Borer.

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