The Division

Henry Clark/Staff writer

I thought my senior year would be about picking my college and maturing into an adult. It turns out, senior year is about picking a political side and that the screaming tantrums never end.

I thought people matured and stopped whining after they became adults but if anything all they do is find “more important” things to moan about. With the political escapade rising, it never seems to hit the climax and cool down. I spend my time dazzling around politics trying to orientate myself in a world where my role models can’t seem to stop spinning to even explain to us youth what’s happening, and worse than that, showing us that it’s ok to act like complete hooligans as an adult when things don’t work out.

The youth will always have celebrities and people they look up to, both in politics and in society. But as these politicians and even celebrities become more and more extreme and divided  I feel forced to choose sides because typically our parents already have, and our teachers already have and our friends already have. Whether we want to or not we feel the need to pick sides because our parents, our friends and our role models have created this hure crevice in political ideologies. 

As role models, the adults in our society need to start acting like ones. Across the nation we see unprecedented conniption fits by not only the politicians but by the adults as well due to this political divide. I read the news and am appalled to see thirty-year old men and women acting like children because their candidate lost. It astounds me to see that it is acceptable to continue acting like toddlers even after I graduate high school.

Especially now as we head into another corrosive, controversial presidential election, I and many other students across the nation need not only clearity one what is happening but a united front from our role models on what is expected of us on how to behave and act. We need to be shown from our parents, celebrities and politicians on how to be a good loser, and a good winner. We as the youth need to see our role models act like rational adults in the face of making nationally controversial decisions and how we should act as we become adults as well. Because political divide or not, adults need to demand us to mature and to do so by example.

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