Election day recap

Henry Clark and Tristan Dahl/ Staff writers

A few minutes after noon the day after election day for the 2020 Presidential election.

Tristan: Last night Trump came in as an underdog in the polls. I’m really surprised how wrong those predictions were.

Henry: Came in as an underdog where? The polls have been incredibly wrong throughout this whole election and a lot of states that were expected to be blue weren’t and the same with red.

Tristan: That’s true, however Trump still had less pathways to victory compared to Biden. Trump had to win Florida, Pennsylvania and Ohio to even have a chance. Biden had a shot to flip Texas, that makes Trump an underdog.

Henry: Yeah I agree. Trump certainly flipped states or is close to flipping states that I thought would never get close to flipping. But then there’s Michigan and that has been the biggest surprise for me with states flipping and becoming blue.

Tristan: I agree that it was a surprise, I think it was most surprising to see how quickly the Democrats were able to gain back ground the day after the election, Trump led by a great margin last night and is now down.

Henry: Yes and the theory behind that is that Trump is against mailed in voting and absentee voters and so most of his supports came into the voting booths yesterday and voted for him, whereas Biden supporters are most of the mailed in and absentee voters so his votes came in last night when they started counting up the other votes rather than just the in person ballots.

Tristan: That’s one theory. The Trump campaign just filed a lawsuit to temporarily stop vote counting in Michigan, as well as Pensilvania. I think that definitely suggests foul play if the campaign is willing to invest into a lawsuit.

Henry: I did hear about it and that’s why Michigan was such a shock to me and while I don’t have an opinion on that lawsuit, I do agree that it was a complete surprise and that there is the possibility that there have been foul play.

Tristan: I agree. I think my second largest surprise of the night was Pennsylvania. Trump won the state narrowly in 2016 and the democrats invested heavily into swinging it back. It’s impressive that Trump is currently ahead.

Henry: I would be very surprised if Pennsylvania swayed to blue after Biden’s speech on stopping fracking greatly reduced his chance of winning that state and unless the voters in Pennsylvania forgot about that I wouldn’t bet on him winning that state. 

Tristan: I agree that Biden’s speech definitely hurt his support there, and this race takes all factors into account. 

Henry: That’s true but in a race like this every state counts when electoral difference is only two votes right now. Which candidate do you think is going to win? 

Tristan: Right now, I think Biden will win. He is 22 votes away and will win if he manages to carry Nevada and Michigan, both are very likely. 

Henry: I agree, but after hearing about the lawsuit in Michigan I am questioning the legitimacy of the votes. I think that if Michigan does end up voting red that Trump will win. While that’s true with many states, Trump’s leads seem to be much greater than Biden’s for the most part, but Biden’s leads are a lot closer and Michigan is an extremely weak link in Biden’s chain to presidency. 

Tristan: All the evidence currently suggests that this is still anyone’s race. Both major candidates still have clear paths to victory.

Henry: I mean this is the first presidential race I’ve ever studied closely so it’s all really exciting to get to see and I definitely think that at this point in time it’s really up in the air on who will win the presidency.

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