News; math tutoring center

Shelbi Johansen/Staff writer

As most people know math can be very frustrating and kayhi teachers want to help. The after school math tutor center is open monday through thursday from 3:00pm – 4:00pm. The math tutor center is a place to work on homework and get help if you need it. Each teacher will host the tutor center in their room depending on the day. Monday – Mr.Fama, Tuesday – Mr.Raber, Wednesday – Mrs.Whyte, and Thursday – Mrs.Karlik. 

Math teacher Mrs. Jennifer Karlik said usually about 4-15 students come but it depends on if there is a test the next day. She said she has noticed an overall improvement in grades with the students who go regularly and better test scores. 

    ¨What makes the biggest difference is whether or not there are tests the next day,¨ Karlik said. ¨Better test grades and better grades in general, It’s a great place to work on homework and study for tests.¨ 

Karlik said the best part of having a tutor center is that it alleviates frustration and she loves to see students working together.

¨Math can be frustrating when you are all by yourself and you don’t have anyone to help you work with you,” said Karlik. ¨At the math tutor center, you not only have a math teacher to help you, but you also have other students. 

Math teacher Mrs. Terri Whyte said the amount of people who show up varies depending on what is happening.

¨There are afternoons when other math teachers besides the one assigned to work the tutor center go and help when it’s so busy. ¨Whyte said. Whyte said there are more people on certain days than others. 

¨ Some students come nearly every time just to get work done, most students show up the afternoon before a test.¨ Whyte said. ¨I wish students would be more scheduled and come get help BEFORE they are worried about the test the next day.¨ Whyte said she also noticed students who get homework help and study before a test do better in math classes. 

Senior Terik Brown said he went to the math tutor center everytime Mr.Fama was hosting it. 

¨I went everytime Fama was doing it because he was my teacher and I would understand more when he was teaching it.¨ Brown said. Brown said it helps him to focus on getting his math done.

¨That’s the subject I really struggle in so I really needed help with that and he helped me with that.¨ said Brown. Brown said that the tutor center helped him to focus and get his work done.

¨I couldn’t focus when it came to math because I never wanted to do it because I wasn’t good at it and I didn’t like it and my mom urged me to go,¨ Brown said. ¨So I finally went and it helped a lot.¨ Brown said that after attending the tutor center his test scores improved significantly as well. Brown said one of the most beneficial parts of having a math tutor center is having a teacher to help and a lot of time. 

¨ It was always welcome no matter who your teacher is and it would be for like and hour so it gives you a lot of time to finish homework.¨ Brown said.

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