News: Recreational Center Update

Photo taken by Noel Tillson

Noel Tillson/ Staff writer

The Ketchikan Gateway Borough Recreation Center has moved to “Level 3 High Risk” when the city as a whole moved up a level. When in level three for the Rec Center employees must wear a face covering, this includes the life guards who can take off their face coverings when on the pool deck. Employees must stay in their “own pods” or perspective areas they work in. Employee Charlie King says it’s strange not seeing as many people in the building.

“I just started working there, but it’s still weird to not be busy to really only be checking people in or cleaning. Before there were sports and activities to watch but the building is so empty. We can’t even let people run into the building and use vending machines or bathrooms.”

Cleaning for employees is more critical than ever.  However temperature checks when coming into the building for employees and patrons are not back. Limits have been lowered for the amount of customers per room. 

The Rec Center helps the continuation of being active during the pandemic as well as a coping mechanism for all of the stress and chaos. For Garrett Mulder, he said going to the Rec Center during the pandemic hasn’t felt any different besides the limitations.

“Going to the Rec during level 3 has been a lot more difficult to get into the rooms I want to be in due to room limits,” said Mulder. “It’s a bummer that the sauna and other rooms are closed because we’re in a higher level. I’m just glad the weight room is still open.” 

Rooms that are open with limits:

Cardio room – 5 people

Weight room – 5 people

Track – 4 people

Lap swim – 1 person per lane

Childrens room – 4 people

Rooms/Activities that are closed:


Locker rooms 

Both gyms

All racquetball courts

All rentals

All classes and programs

All recreational swims (open swim and dollar swim)

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