Staff picks: Canvas and Zoom are…

Max Malouf 11

Canvas is a great learning tool and if used correctly not much can go wrong. It might not work for every class but for the most part assigning stuff to students to find and complete is pretty easy and simple on Canvas. Zoom on the other hand, is not. It seems as though Zoom is the best online alternative found yet, but there are still so many issues while using it. For some kids sitting down and following along with the teacher on Zoom is easy and productive to their learning experience, but it tends to allow the majority of students to be on their phone and fake pay attention.

Noelani Tillson 12

For my senior year of high school, obviously Zoom and Canvas aren’t my first choice. I’d rather be in person, seeing my friends and teachers. But none of us can control what’s happening and we all want to be safe. I think the Ketchikan school district is handling this situation to the best of their ability. The work does get difficult, not being in person and having the motivation to do the work while I lay in my bed staying safe at home is even more difficult. It seems that teachers are assigning more work for us to do while at home. I don’t know about anyone else but I do house work when I’m at home. So I don’t have tons of time to sit and finish a 150 pt. assignment in 2 days. I know this is a learning curve for us all but it would be nice to share our voice.

Nena Jones 12

Going into my senior year I thought that things would be normal like in the past. But this year it seems like summer where I never left technology. Everything has moved to Zooms and Canvas. For the most part, I do not like them. Canvas is confusing and I can’t find some of my assignments. Zoom is hard because there’s more distractions versus at school. We want to stay safe and we are controlling what we can over what we can’t. I know that everything that is being done within our school and community is the best they can do.

Charlie King 12

Although I would much rather be in school, Zoom is better than nothing. I think that there are many pros and cons to being on Zoom. On zoom there is less community, when a teacher calls on you feel very singled out, and it is extremely hard when there are technical difficulties. While I am not a fan of zoom I do think it’s the best way to keep connected during these crazy times.

Degan Linne 11

Zoom and Canvas are only good if used correctly. Back in March when we did zoom without assignments nobody did anything and soon no one even showed up. I think if there were graded assignments kids would start trying and would stop being on their phones. Canvas on the other hand is a different ball game then normal class work. I personally like Canvas in moderation but when teachers use it everyday then it starts to get boring and soon kids will either cheat on it or just not do it at all.

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