NHS Induction Ceremony

Tessa Salazar/Staff writer

Kayhi’s National Honors Society is having a virtual induction ceremony on Nov. 17. In past years NHS has had the members and their families come to the ceremony. This year they have combined virtual and in person to make the ceremony covid friendly. They made it in person by having the members still get together for the ceremony while their loved ones watch from home. While the members are able to be present, they still have to wear masks and social distance. 

Link: https://youtu.be/1vnPDMOGjfA

Inductees: Hannah Moody, Julia Spigai, Jenna Walker, Kaydence Dyson, Lauren Olson, Spring McCarthy, Jesse Loughman, Jodee Paule, Sandra Johnston, Robert Cope-Powell, Sarah Short, Nicole West, Hayley Gilson, Chloe Gosnell, Charlie King, Joshua Gentry, Sam Jackson, Tessa Salazar, Riley Deal, Lauren Scarzella, and John Bernardo

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