Kayhi completes 2nd week at 50%

Jocelyn Cannon/Staff writer

Kayhi staff and students finished their second week of the fifty percent capacity schedule. Students attended school two days a week according to the letter of their last names. The schedule is expected to continue until thanksgiving break. Kayhi principal Jason House said even though this schedule is a big adjustment it’s going well with everything considered.

“Overall I think it’s working great but it’s clearly a huge adjustment for staff and for students,” said House. “Clearly we would much rather have all the students here every day but we do think this was a really important adjustment to make considering the increased risk level within the community.” 

This situation is clearly best for the students health but adjusting to a new schedule is hard for some students, especially because it isn’t long term and it keeps changing. 

Kayhi junior Shelbi Johansen said she misses seeing her friends at school and it’s harder for her to stay focused during the off days.

“A lot of my friends are in the other group so I don’t get to see them all week. With less people to talk to or people to sit by I can’t just ask one of them for help either,” said Johansen. “On the off days it’s harder to stay on task if I’m at home with nobody to keep me focused. It has also been harder to wake up and be on time on the days that I have school because I’m used to the other 5 days of sleeping in.” 
    During these confusing times teachers are working as best they can to listen to students questions while also following guidelines and protocols. Kayhi science teacher Julie Landwher said she understands that it is stressful for students and wants to make sure she can make the learning as smooth as possible.

“I have ongoing concerns that students feel like their needs are being met and their voices heard in all of this – it seems stressful for them. We need to push forward with the learning but we also need to be responsive to what students need at this time. My hope is that we can get a rhythm that sticks, while still being prepared if things change again,” said Landwher. “It is a challenge to rearrange the lessons, classroom, and flow of things but one I am willing to face with a good attitude so that I can minimize as much stress for my students as possible.” For now we are scheduled to stay on the fifty percent model until after thanksgiving break but it is subject to change depending on community risk level.

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