Christian Albright remembrance

Henry Clark/Staff writer

Chrsitian Albright was a friend, student, musician, worker and son. He will be remembered forever by his friends, family and community in the memories they share of him. For those who wish to share their memories of Christian Albright, there will be a memorial being held in his honor 2 pm, Saturday Dec. 12 at the South Tongass Alliance Church.

Christian’s auto shop teacher, Clint Mclennan, stated that he was a wonderful young man who was caring as well incredibly gifted in vocational work.

    “Christian Albright was quiet, he had a real gentle spirit so he was always really kind and very courteous all the time even around his friend’s I would watch him interact and he’d wait till everyone else was done talking before he would start throwing in his two bits, and that’s how he worked too,” said Mclennan. “He was your guy if you were taking apart something that needed to be really focused on and done real gently he was the one who could do that for you.” 

    Kayhi Principal Jason House described Christian from the times he would see him coming and going from the front office.

    “He had a big presence and just a really fun, loving guy every time I saw him he had a smile on,” said Principal House. “Even through the mask you could see it through the eyes.”

    One of Christian’s friends, Nena Jones, spoke of how she met him in their Japanese class back in middle school and he used to tease her about her car when she first got it.

“Christian Albright is the nicest and hardest working person I’ve ever met in my life,” said Christian’s friend Nena Jones.

When asked if there was something he would like to say to Christian now, Principal House said he’d tell Christian how much of a positive impact he’s had on everyone in Kayhi.

    “I’d say Christian every single one of us is better cause we’ve known you,” said Principal House. “This world’s a better place cause you’re a part of it and we’re all gonna miss you.”

    Christian’s government teacher, David Mitchel, had a very positive view on the kind of man Christian was going to become and saw him as an intelligent and respectful student.

    “I remember Christian as a nice, smart and humble person and always respected those around him and was always active, he was very sharp, very sharp,” said Mitchel. “So I mentioned him to adults in terms of having a bright future in owning business and going where he wanted to go because he had a proactive mind and was an active thinker.”

    Mclennan was very close to Christian and had a very fond memory of when he and his friends wanted to go sledding in the winter with one of Mclennan’s car hoods and he laughed at the idea.

“He and his friends were always up to something and it was really funny. So one day I was sitting in class here and they came piling through the door and it was right after the bell rang and it was snowing outside and they said ‘Mr. Mclennan do you have a car hood’ and I said ‘Uh oh did one of you run into something? What kinda hood do you need? Who’s car is it?’ and they said ‘Well we don’t care what kinda hood, we just need a hood!’ and I said ‘Wait a second now you guys are you hoping to tie it behind your truck like a sled and pull it?’ and they said ‘yeah!’ and I said ‘get out of here you knuckle heads!’ That was the kinda thing they were always up to, just shenanigans.”

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