The Power of Pancakes

Jocelyn Cannon/Staff writer

Chocolate chip pancakes. That’s what we made for our friend who was grieving the sudden tragic loss of her father. I remember none of us had ever experienced something that sad and we couldn’t even begin to imagine how hard it was for the family, but we knew we had to be there for them during that time so that’s what we did. 

We cooked for them because the only thing to do was be there for them. I remember getting out of the car and one of our other friends’ mom told us to remember that for the family every second that goes by feels like a minute, I’ll always remember that because you really don’t understand at all the only thing you can do is comfort them. My friends and I left school every day that week to be there with her giving lots of group hugs and anything she needed. Even with all the tears we were all so inspired by her with how strong she was. Our group became so close during this time it was full of love and appreciation for each other. It created a special bond we still have to this day, something that is hard to explain but no matter what we knew we would always be there for each other. 

I wonder why it is that tragedy is what brings us the closest. We are a very close community and we come together during hard times and support one another. I will never forget how powerful the feeling of support that this community gave to her family. I have not expierenced many losses but when it happens it’s a feeling of sadness you can’t describe and confusion of why this happened it’s a hard concept to grasp. It makes us realize how valuable life is and that we need to appreciate the important things in it more and the people we are closest to because we are never guaranteed anything. 

Loss is never easy. It is always eye opening and makes us want to change and we should let it change us so we can grow and appreciate things always and not fall back into how it used to be and forget the reason why we made that change.

My friends and I think the biggest thing we learned through all this is that everyone handels loss and grieves differently and sometimes it can take awhile for it to finally sink in which is why it is so important to keep checking in on those people because grief has no timeline.

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